женские бусы и браслеты - натуральный камень






I тип читання голосних під наголосом

(алфавітне читання)


cake - mane

lake - gate

trade - state

place - game

made - cane

Kate gave a name to a game.

This lake is a famous place in Wales.

The Maze is an amazing place for a date.

Dave came late with a crane.

Tracy, take a tasty cake.



rose - home

nose - go

note - no

rope - pose

close - cone

Joe, go home alone.

Joel hoped to close a stone door.

Ho, hoe those roses!

Joseph codes his note because of a foe.

Oh, no, Rosie's nose is like a cone!


Ee[i:] - і-і

Pete - she

me - we

be - bede

he - Steve

He is greedy.

She gave me some cheese.

We see Pete in the street with Steve.

Will he be soon?


Ii[ai]-aй Yy[ai]-aй

like - by

write - my

rice - cry

tie - fly

ice - shy

nice - fry

bite - sly

invite - lyme

Mike likes ice-cream.

Ike is nice and wise.

I smile looking at a kite.

Michael writes nicely to invite Mike.

Hi! Don't bite Risa!

My mice are white and sly.

Don't cry! You'll fly by plane next July.

Bye, Mike, Risa and Ike!



cute - duke

tune - use

cube - amuse

tube - mule

mute - huge

He is cute and wears mules.

This tune is super.

Don't use that huge cube!

We often use unusual tunes in music.

It amuses me.


II тип читання голосних під наголосом

Голосна стоїть між приголосних або перед приголосної, літера «е» у кінці

слова відсутня.


Aa [  ] - е

Ann - at

and - hand

cat - bat

bad - can

flat - sat

lamp - Pam

Saand Pam are fat.

Dan plans to have a new flat.

This man's lamp is bad.

Ann has a cat, a bat and a rat.

A sad man with the maps of the Alps.

Japan is the land of fantasy.



Tom - lost

host - not

frog - dog

hot - plot

The dog is on the log.

Hot dogs, coffee, chocolate, oranges cost a lot.

Tom lost his box.

John and Dolly are not in Florida.



Meg - bed

red - ten

twelve - tell

get - vet

second - well

friend - lesson

Ted gets ten pens every day.

Let Meg tell a better story.

Can you retell ten texts in twelve seconds?

Can Ben spell "twenty" and "twelve" well?

Tell me if your friends are helpful, trendy and friendly.

Tell me if lessons end at twelve twenty.


Ii [i]-і____Yy[i]-і

sit - myth

Tim - gym

it - Kitty

is - Billy

him - Abby

six - Willy

stick - Tony

kitten - foggy

Will his pig dig a pit?

Which children diit?

Mr Fishwick will be rich.

His baby is a myth.

Kitty, Abby, Billy and Willy give him a big gift.

Tim wins a Disney children film and tickets to a family trip.

Tony is thin but Dolly is thick,

Listen! This is "Kalinka".


Uu [  ]-a

plum - cut

duck - run

drum - us

lunch - but

rubbish - up

My uncle Russell is hungry.

Have lunch with us and run with a cup.

Gus jumped but stumbled and fell plump.

Ducks ate plums and drummed.

A bus must come to us. We are luckier than Buddy and Bubba.



lll тип читання голосних під наголосом

(Голосна + буква r)

Аа+r [а:]-а-а

farm - dark

Mark - card

park - smart

large - garden

hard - mark

The parks, gardens and farms are large and charming.

Mark calmed me parking his car in the dark part of the yard.

Mark Parker has a large garden.

Marble Arch and the Barbican Art Gallery are charming.

Charles and Charlie work hard. They are smart.


Оо+r [  ] - о-о

fork - sport

short - for

horse - or

torn - lord

born - port

Norman's shorts are short and torn.

This horse is for a lord.

John's shorts were torn with a fork.

Sport was born in York in the North.

That lord isn't sporty.

Ее+r [ з: ] –е(р)

jerk - Germany

her - verse

perfume - mermaid

person - nerve

serve - herd

Her verses are perfect.

Her perfume is from Germany.

Mermaids and mermen live in lakes.

Don't jerk this nervous person.

A herd is eating tasty herb for dessert.

Ii+r = Уу+r  [з:] - е(р)

circus - shirt

bird - first

third - girl

dirty - skirt

circle - myrtle

Sir, are you thirsty?

That girl wears a dirty skirt.

Thirty birds are in the circle.

The third shirt is as dirty as the first one.

The girls came to Shirley's birthday at one thirteen.

Uu+r  [ з:] - е(р)

fur - turtle

turn - hurt

purple - curly

turkey - burst

occur - burn

He returns from Turkey on Thursday with curly hair,

It's your turn to roast the turkey.

Don't burn the turkey!

Put the turtle into the fur.

He returned purple.

IV тип читання голосних під наголосом

(Голосна + г + голосна)

Аа+г+гласная [ез] – еа

share - mare

bare - square

hair - care

bear - hare

rare - dare

pair - chair

That girl's hair is quite fair.

I don't want to share in that dirty affair.

Bears and hares have coats of fur.

Mary never dares to ask for her fair share.

The girl in the square takes care of her hair.

I don't care whether I share the fare.


Оо+г+гласная [o:]-o-o

more - core

score - bore

door - pour

floor        ore

The more you have the more you want.

Its core is full of ore.

Don't pour water on the floor.

What a bore! The score is nil-nil.

Ee+r+ гласная [  ] - іа

fear - fere

beer - near

severe - clear

here - dear

hear - cheer

appear - ear

deer - Lear

Beer is very dear here.

We never drink beer when we are here.

He didn't appear here for fear.

It's clear that we are not going to stay here and cheer.

Winter is a very severe season. Ears are cold.

Come here. I don't hear what you are saying.

King Lear is a famous play by William Shakespeare.



Ii+r+гласная=Уу+r+гласная [  ]- айе

fire - hire

tire - tyre

Lire - tiro


Hire a taxi, please.

I am tired of this film.

Tires and tyres are the same.

They hired a tiro.



Uu+r+ гласная []  -юе





The air is pure.

Sam made a mistake during the lesson.

They cure with help of  herbs.

She is purely healthy.


igh [ai]-aй

fight - sight - right - tights - high

flight - might - bright - knight - delight

night - slight - light - bight - frighten

igh [ai] –ай

1. It's night. Turn on the light.

2. The Lightfoots are right.

  1. Don't fight! The reason of your fight is so slight!
  2. He might fly high.

5. These tights are tight.

  1. There are many sights on Isle of Wight.

ее [i:] – і

see - meet - reed - need - deep

bee - tree - green - free - seek

keen - sleep - weed - feed - street


1.  Lee feels sleepy.

2. Mr. Green needs seeds to feed the geese.

3. He seems to be keen on weeding.

4. Have you seen this teen indeed?

5. She has been to Greece for a week.

6.   Peter is seeking something in a deep pit.

ea [i:] - і

tea - meat - beat - neat
sea - peak - seal - seat
pea - weak - leaf - peal

ee,ea [i:] - і

1. Lee is eating on the beach at the sea.

2. Mrs. Green needs meat and tea.

3. Don't tease obedient sheep!

4. Keep our streets clean, please.

5. Will you reach me a green peach?

6. A seal isn't weak.


food - moon - pool - fool - loom - book

wood - gloomy - stood - cool - noon - cook

soon - wool - stool - goose - rooster - look


1. Would it be a good book?

2. Loop’s boots are cool, too.

3. She took her book and put it under her foot.

4. A swimming pool is full of crooks.

5. Only a fool swims as a rule in a cool pool.

6. He was soon in his gloomy mood and took no food.

ai/ay[ei] - ей

main - afraid - pain - gain - clay - stay

wait - mail - Spain - pail - hay - pay

rain - saint - tail - faint - day - May

ai/ay[ei] – ей

  1. A waiter said:" Pay attention to this play. It is in May."
  2. may stay here and play for the whole day."
  3. No pay no play.
  4. Have you ever been in pain? -No, I've been to Spain.
  5. Stay here and hay gaily a haycock with a hay-fork.
  6. No gains without pains.
  7. The rain came through the space in the drain.



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